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The Ratna / Gemology section deals with the Ratna Vigyan or science of Gemology and how Rashi Gems / Navagraha Gems or birth stones can help you to minimise the impact of your present problems and bring balance to your life.

The Jyotish / Astrology section will guide you by means of personal advises and counselling for the problems that you may be facing in your life, be it professional problems, marital problems, relationship problems etc. This is based purely on your Horoscope analysis.

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Different Upaayas or remedies are suggested as per the Hindu Shastras, which are time tested and based on the Divine knowledge of our seers and great Astrologers of ancient India. These Jyotish Upaayas or Astrological remedies are very practical and resource optimizing so that it comes to the reach of one and all. In the Articles section you will find a lot of interesting articles that will make you ponder about life and its realities. You will find new articles on a periodic basis so keep coming back and exploring often.